Hazardous Material by enomeks
by sabine7 / September 1, 2011

Drawing on his experience on the California street art and graffiti scene, enomeks has been using photography as his more recent medium. Depicting scenes in miniature, this artist tells a story of the bigger picture. Tiny workers in hazmat suits read the levels of radiation emitted from a burning cigarette, a reflection of enomeks' concerns as a former smoker. Stenciled Rat = Big Deal sums up his feelings towards the type of attention we give to the hype that surrounds some graffiti without truly appreciating the genre as a whole, or paying attention to the unknowns ... the "sideshow spectacle" as he calls it. Cheeky messages in tiny packages.

Artist: enomeks
+ facebook.com/enomeks

Stenciled Rat = Big Deal


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