Hello Cassatt (sailboat) by Leslie Holt
by sabine7 / July 14, 2011

At first it may seem that inserting Hello Kitty into classic paintings shouldn't be allowed. But by leaving the viewer at an intersection of childhood and the adult world, Leslie Holt uses the pop culture icon to point "toward social or political issues, such as war, genocide, or gender identity." In her statement, Holt says of Hello Kitty, "rely on her to charm the viewer into looking, but her innocent, playful appeal contrasts with the serious adult subject matter. With this contrast of adult and childlike content and these "high" and "low" cultural icons, I hope to elicit laughter and irony."

Artist: Leslie Holt
+ davidluskgallery.com

Hello Pablo/Goodbye Liz runs through July 30, 2011 at David Lusk Gallery in Memphis.

Hello Guernica (skateboard)

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