November 22, 1948 by Marcel van Eeden
by sabine7 / June 17, 2011

November 22, 1948 is a body of work by Dutch artist Marcel van Eeden that is based on only found images and textual sources that predate his birth of November 22, 1965. He considers the time before his birth similar to that after his death, "When you were not yet around, it did not affect anyone, and when you will no longer be there, everything will, in fact, be the same." Van Eeden has been producing at least one pencil drawing a day since 1993, starting in the upper left hand corner of the hand cut paper he uses. The pictures are base don a set of semi-fictional characters and their adventures, lending a graphic novel feel to the series.

Artist: Marcel van Eeden

November 22, 1948 runs June 24 - August 13, 2011, at Sprüth Magers London.



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