watch?v=90RM07vHQiw by Florian Meisenberg
by sabine7 / June 10, 2011

Florian Meisenberg's current exhibition sports a most unusual name, considering it is taken from the video of a cat flying though the air: Perhaps it is in reference to the lightness of the work. Meisenberg's compositions consist of words and pictures that are suspended upon the canvas, in layers or adrift. Noses float, pain hovers and accessories such as shoes, socks and hats fly. Colourful banners are mounted above the groups of paintings in celebration of being, in spite of the pain of ever-present suffering.

Artist: Florian Meisenberg

An exhibition of work by Florian Meisenberg runs through July 9, 2011 at Kate MacGarry in London.

from the series Cosmic Experiences

from the series The Vision of Tomorrow, Today

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