Bear Season by Scott Fife
by sabine7 / June 3, 2011

Scott Fife transforms archival cardboard, screws and glue into sculpture with a focus on celebrities, pop culture icons and wildlife (sometimes one and the same?). The cardboard takes on the appearance of a stronger, more resistant material, almost like rough stone with much texture and many details. The artist puts the emphasis on using low-tech tools for a really hands-on approach. As Fife describes it, "There is that sense of one person building this thing-it becomes a 'feat'-the whole thing isn't about that but within the world we live in right now, it makes it a kind of tribal ritual piece; the fact that it was done by the human hand."

Artist: Scott Fife

Bear Season runs through July 2, 2011 at Platform Gallery in Seattle.

Johnny Cash

Wer Wulf

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