Embroidery by Jazmin Berakha
by sabine7 / May 17, 2011

Perhaps there is a tendency to regard embroidery as being fine, delicate work -- and, indeed, it is - but these pieces by Jazmin Berakha pack a punch of colour. Based in Buenos Aires, Berakha uses a rainbow of vivid colour to dress her maidens in rich floral shorts, striped shawls, patchwork sweaters, geometrically inclined swimsuits and an array of other exquisitely patterned clothing. Berakha does not overwhelm, however; her maidens usually bundle up in but one distinct article of clothing at a time.

Artist: Jazmin Berakha
+ jazminberakha.com

Vanishing Park runs from May 26 to July 2, 2011 at Heskin Contemporary in New York.





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