Royal Ruin Ultramarine Umbilical Fiend Fallen Cobalt Core by David Benjamin Sherry
by sabine7 / May 13, 2011

David Benjamin Sherry's recent work is a study of colour, materiality, geometry and science, all of which result in monochromatic photos and collages. The latter constructions from the Solar System series are based on the mathematical design of the earth and the solar system, while the chromogenic prints depict rock-like structures that have a figurative air about them, as though they were human artefacts of some kind. The artist proposes this contrast as a reflection of the continued tension between the earth's properties and human existence

Artist: David Benjamin Sherry

Form Forming Formation runs through June 11, 2011 at OHWOW in Los Angeles.

Solar System in Blood System

Golden God Rod Radiant Lemon Lactating Saffron Sap

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