Van Dongen, woman with black hat/curtain by Laurence Aëgerter
by sabine7 / March 25, 2011

Laurence Aëgerter combines paintings from Amsterdam's Hermitage Museum with added elements such as "matching" visitors, unrelated objects or decorative props to create photo compositions that highlight the art of the Modernists in a fresh way. A woman in a green dress peeps out from behind the green fronds of a curtain; the pompom on a hat keeps company with a cubist breast; viewers' outfits blend into the paintings in terms of colours and angles. The past is bridged quite charmingly to the present.

Artist: Laurence Aëgerter

Hermitage, the Modernists runs through April 29, 2011 at C&H art space and Art Affairs in Amsterdam.

GE 9662-100907-225223, (Kandinsky, composition VI/ladders)

GE 9660-100907-233355, (Matisse red room/curtain)

GE 6572- 100907-221741, (Van Dongen, woman with black hat/curtain)

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