Adjacent Possibilities by Deborah Zlotsky
by sabine7 / March 21, 2011

Deborah Zlotsky's Adjacent Possibilities series presents compositions made up of what appear to be blocks of various shapes and materials, vying for space on the canvas. Perhaps wooden, or even cement, they jostle and compete for attention. Zlotsky explains, "In my paintings from the Adjacent Possibilities series, I work responsively, constantly altering and accumulating relationships. As I adjust one relationship, another slips out of balance. Adjacent Possibilities borrows a scientific term, which refers to the way organisms and systems keep shifting away from a designated path, often creating new and more complex relationships as an outcome. By overlaying, abrading, reconfiguring, and repeatedly repainting and revarnishing the space, the paintings come to life through the accidents that eventually build a sense of movement and fullness."

Artist: Deborah Zlotsky




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