The Queen by Jason Bard Yarmosky
by sabine7 / February 28, 2011

Jason Bard Yarmosky's series Elder Kinder highlights the freedoms experienced by youth but transferred to seniors. Once we make the transition from youth to adult, the freedoms make way for boundaries and a stricter type of behaviour that starts to ease sometimes when we leave adulthood for old age. The artist is frank when he says, "The images in this series can be seen as both humiliating and empowering," but qualifies this by adding, "The pessimist sees the images through the lens of shame and vulnerability, weighed down by social convention. The optimist sees a sense of liberation, where an adolescent's playfulness and the freedom to dream compliment the wisdom of old age." We leave it to the viewer to decide ...

Artist: Jason Bard Yarmosky

Elder Kinder runs through March 6, 2011 at Like the Spice Gallery in Brooklyn.



The Queen

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