Stirring the Pots by Melissa Pokorny
by sabine7 / February 24, 2011

Tableaux made up of found objects from estate sales and photographs taken at tourist sites, national parks and the wilderness form a series of installations by Melissa Pokorny. The artist creates narrative out of the juxtaposition of the everyday and all things natural; nothing unusual in and of itself, but the contrasts provide a confusion that leads to reflection. "The rarified and the quotidian act together to create momentary and speculative connections. ... Fragmentary narratives emerge on the nature of loss and desire, the power of magical thinking and the manner in which popular media shapes our collective imaginings of enchanted spaces such as caves, underwater grottoes and forest glades, wherein the ghostly and magical find refuge." Materials include archival inkjet prints, polystyrene, aluminum, polyurethane resin, found objects, pins, vinyl and light. Still, it all provokes a sense of "oh, dear, what is happening here?"

Artist: Melissa Pokorny

Was the Return Easier Than the Getting Here? runs through March 26, 2011 at Platform Gallery in Seattle.

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