Tête de Cerf by Clark Goolsby
by sabine7 / February 17, 2011

Clark Goolsby moves away from strict straight lines to a mélange of geometric shapes and figurative elements such as human and animal forms. His latest mixed media works incorporate pens, pencils, markers and spray paint as well as paint. About the collection, Goolsby notes, "Overall the show is about death and the fragility of life. I am specifically interested in how we maintain optimism in a world that is so full of potentially life ending situations. I have been using the Dead Hand (a doomsday device the Russians built during the Cold War), and many other symbols as metaphors for reflecting on these ideas ..."

Artist: Clark Goolsby
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Strange/Love runs through March 12, 2011 at POVevolving Gallery in Los Angeles.

Tête de Cerf




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