Below the Trees by Sylvester Engbrox
by sabine7 / January 28, 2011

Paintings like distorted photography, the light like that after a rain on a hot, sunny day ... The mood in Sylvester Engbrox's recent work is somewhat foreboding and it feels as though we are meant to slow down to absorb the scene before whatever happens next. Who has just arrived in that car? Where is that campervan going? What's on the mind of the man walking along the wet road? While the title of Engbrox's exhibition, Follow Me, does not provide any clues, it does make the instructions clear.

Artist: Sylvester Engbrox

An exhibition of work by Sylvester Engbrox wraps up on January 30, 2011 at the Galerie VivoEquidem in Paris.

Bulli, Flowers

Wet Road, Ruhrgebiet

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