Open Space by Keegan Gibbs
by sabine7 / January 20, 2011

Keegan Gibbs, surfer and photographer, sums up the images that make up his first solo show that opened this week at L.A.'s Known Gallery: "The ocean is the epicenter of my existence on this planet. I am an aquanaut on a thruster in this ever amazing and boundless source of liquid energy. For me every choice and relationship, all decisions and waking thoughts (and most dreams) are influenced and infused by the pull of the tides, the whiff of an offshore breeze, and the lucid corduroy lines gracefully stampeding towards the coast. Open Space is a collection of images, collages, and installations that evoke that balance in my life."

Artist: Keegan Gibbs

Open Space runs January 15 - February 5, 2011 at Known Gallery in Los Angeles.




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