Kurdish Kid With A Gun by Boogie
by sabine7 / January 7, 2011

What a contrast with yesterday's black and white photography - Belgrade-based artist Boogie captures the nitty-gritty through his lens without imposing any personal filters. Particularly arresting is the juxtaposition of innocence and evil, as depicted by the long-eye-lashed tyke above. The look in the woman's eye at Christie High says it all - these school days aren't for everyone. And a show of bandanas on the ground in Bed-Stuy is a reflection of a path better left uncrossed.

Artist: Boogie
+ carmichaelgallery.com

Work by Boogie will be featured in an exhibition at Carmichael Gallery in Culver City from Jan.8 through Feb. 5, 2011.

Christie High

Blood Bandanas


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