Frozen by Susanne Klemm
by sabine7 / December 13, 2010

Susanne Klemm captures moments that occur in nature by coating its various gifts in a fine layer of polyolefin or epoxy. Nuts, twigs, fruits and flowers are preserved as they are found, immortalized as a piece of jewellery. The necklaces, brooches and rings in Klemm's Frozen collection are bold, contemporary pieces that are a study in contrasts between our handiwork and that of nature. The chalky white, despite a bone-like appearance, adds strength to the fragility of her spoils.

Artist: Susanne Klemm

The Frozen collection is on display at the Gallery Loupe in Montclair, New Jersey through December 30, 2010.

Frozen - necklace

Nuts - brooches

Mutation - rings

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