RGB - Color est e pluribus unus by Carnovsky
by sabine7 / November 29, 2010

Virgil put it, "Color est e pluribus unus," a description of different colours blending into one. Milan's Carnovsky does exactly this in a series of wallpapers called RGB that presents itself differently depending on the type of light (natural or filtered) in which it is seen. The composition is made up of three layers of images in primary colours. Red, green or blue light filters bring out only some of the overlapping images, thereby creating different scenes when different lights are shining. Seen in natural light, the entwined images of the animal world seem to move and disorient in an exotic manner.

Artists: Carnovsky (Francesco Rugi + Silvia Quintanilla)
+ carnovsky.com
+ johanssen-gallery.com

Carnovsky's RGB - Color est e pluribus unus runs through February 10, 2011 at the Johanssen Gallery, Direktorenhaus, in Berlin.







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