Flying South by Nate Frizzell
by sabine7 / November 22, 2010

Nate Frizzell's latest show, I Should Know Who I Am By Now, is a reflection of the artist's switch from acrylics to oils, but continues the theme of self-discovery by pairing his human subjects with bird and animal life. The settings are either outright wintry, or seem to be, thanks to the abundant use of an icy blue. Frizzell's humans wear animal masks, facepaint or bird beaks while making their way through graffiti'ed tree trunks and antlers. It's hard to know whether they manage to follow a path or create one of their own.

Artist: Nate Frizzell

I Should Know Who I Am By Now runs through December 4, 2010 at LeBasse Projects in Culver City.

Flying South

Moving On

Waiting To Be Unseen

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