Emperor Penguin by Jeff Friesen
by sabine7 / November 19, 2010

These Untamed Interiors are certainly a departure for photographer Jeff Friesen, who has gone the diorama route. Using dollhouse furniture, foam board, craft paper, and wood scraps leftover from home-renovation projects, Friesen has had some fun while playing with his daughter. Shown above is Oliver, who "made a fortune in the tuxedo rental industry ... His architect-designed home is an engineering marvel built on the bottom of the Amundsen Sea. It's perfect in every way ... except for one thing. The neighbor seems a little too eager to be friends."

Artist: Jeff Friesen
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Barely Domestic

"Walden, like many woodland creatures before him, was unsure about using the furniture. He suspected this wasn't an authentic elk-made sofa.

'Barely Domestic' is dedicated to those who aim for a polished appearance yet can't manage to tame their wild instincts."

I am Sewing, Hear Me Roar

"Rufus used to hide his sewing hobby from the rest of the pride, until one day he could no longer conceal the origins of his ever-growing ascot collection. Now regarded as a bit of an eccentric, Rufus's future in reality TV is a given. 'Lion Eye For The Baboon Guy' is coming this fall on the Savanna Network."


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