Meditations on the Vessel by Young Mi Kim
by sabine7 / November 10, 2010

Excellent ceramics can feel just like gentle, compelling poetry. Some of the vessels by Catskills artist Young Mi Kim, fired either in a traditional Japanese style wood-fired Anagama kiln or a modern one, are reminiscent of fine paper lanterns. Various clays (porcelain and different coloured stoneware) and earthy glazes are used for subtle effects, along with the wood ash that warps the contours of the vessels. "...I enjoy creating the kind of pots you want to live with, ones that seem to want to grow closer to you with time..." says Kim. And, indeed, these pieces look like they will stand the test of time.

Artist: Young Mi Kim

Young Mi Kim's show at Cocobolo Gallery runs through November 26, 2010.



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