Hello Kitty® by Nouar
by sabine7 / November 9, 2010

Somewhere along the line Sanrio went from being a manufacturer of cute to curating art exhibitions by some of today's top contemporary artists who serve up Hello Kitty and friends in highly original style. Artists like Nouar, Eric Joyner, Kozyndan, Buff Monster, Gary Baseman, Natalia Fabia and Brandi Milne ramp up the humour and surrealism in paintings that are a delightful combination of cute and kitsch. Enjoy your favorite Sanrio characters served up as Thanksgiving dinner, garden topiaries, a school of fish and ice cream at Small Gift Los Angeles featuring eleven unique installation rooms that transform favorite Sanrio characters into original works.

Artist: various
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Sanrio, Inc. continues their 50th Anniversary celebration with the upcoming Small Gift anchor event in Los Angeles. Small Gift Los Angeles is a 10 day carnival-style event open to the public November 12- 21 at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica. Small Gift Miami is the East Coast anchor event and will take place December 2 - 5, during Art Basel.

Eric Joyner



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