Creative Characters by Jan Middendorp
by sabine7 / November 7, 2010

Despite the fact that a compilation of interviews with typeface designers might be considered pretty niche in terms of market, Creative Characters: The MyFonts Interviews, Vol.1, edited by Jan Middendorp, is so well designed that it is sure to draw even the most uninformed layperson right in. First off, it feels good! Then the reader determines it's fun to flip through ... Next thing you know, you're caught up in the stories, wishing you, too, could design fonts. The look of the letters can tell as much of a story as do the words themselves, so it is no wonder that fonts are such an important graphic element. So lest you think that tales of typeface could be dull, remember that it's always about the story and those who tell it. The art of the letter ...

Paperback, 192 pages. BIS Publishers, 2010. $21.12 at Amazon

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