Ace of Swords by Henny Acloque
by sabine7 / October 29, 2010

Using Brueghel's sixteenth century Tarot cards as a jumping off pint, Henny Acloque creates an updated version with haunting images of the cards from the major and minor arcana. Acloque's work falls under a Spanish influence, and thus the pointed red hats worn by the penitents during Semana Santa serve to hide the full identities of the tarot characters. Indeed, all the faces are obscured by skulls, clusters or circles, but it is easy enough to guess at the character given the setting and accessories. While the skulls and meat cleavers give the work a disturbing air, gentle landscapes or refined interiors add to the mystery and sense of foreboding.

Artist: Henny Acloque

King of Swords

Queen of Pentacles

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