Carte Blanche: Liaisons by Inga Sempé
by sabine7 / October 19, 2010

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, French design magazine Intramuros collaborated with DuPont Corian® to create an exhibition of work by designers who have enjoyed cover appearances. The brief was to transform an A4 sheet of Corian® and the designers responded with a wide variety of creations, many of which were displayed in the Carte Blanche exhibition held at the Corian® Design Studio in Philadelphia. Among the often amusing concepts were pieces by the likes of Paolo Ulian, Jonathan Olivares, Inga Sempé and Todd Bracher.

Artists: various

A City Without Waste by Paolo Ulian

Ulian used a thin CNC cutter to remove concentric pieces that were then employed to create buildings for a model of the ideal city built without waste.

Something of the Process by Jonathan Olivares

Olivares rounded the edges and sent the piece of Corian® off as a package, whihc developed a nice patina through its travels through the U.S. postal system.

Liaisons by Inga Sempé

Thin panels of Corian® are connected by colourful ribbons to form a standing sculpture.

Physical Illusion by Todd Bracher

"Same mass, same weight, different beauty." Bracher cut the entire sheet into shavings to produce a completely different effect.

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