Genèse du poète by Marcel H. Poirier
by sabine7 / October 15, 2010

In a salute to tortured French-Canadian poet Émile Nelligan, artist Marcel H. Poirier presents several portraits as part of a series entitled Nelligan vu par... (Nelligan, as seen by...). Twelve exhibitions of work by various artists focus on one of Quebec's most famous literary sons who was first published in Montreal at the tender age of sixteen. Despite his tremendous talent, Nelligan went on to suffer a breakdown at twenty, leaving his works incomplete. Poirier captures the poet at various ages and outlooks.

Artist: Marcel H. Poirier

The exhibition of Nelligan portraits by Marcel H. Poirier takes place at the Hotel Nelligan in Montreal through November 12, 2010.




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