Western Approach by Neil Canning
by sabine7 / October 12, 2010

One of England's major followers of the St. Ives School of modernist British art, Neil Canning has a new exhibition of explosively colourful work. Originally a figurative landscape artist, Canning has created abstraction from his vision of light, space and colour. His shapes, forms and lines dance on the canvas to a soundtrack of intense colour. There is movement and emotion in every painting; each one pushes the viewer to crave more. Take a look at Canning's current work at Fine Art Ireland, but be sure to browse through his website gallery as well.

Artist: Neil Canning
+ neilcanning.com
+ fineartireland.com

An exhibition of work by Neil Canning is currently showing at Fine Art Ireland in Belfast through November 4, 2010.


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