Broom by John Stewart
by sabine7 / October 11, 2010

A retrospective of work by John Stewart will focus on the photographer's still life pieces and recent colour shots taken in rural China. Stewart originally started his career as a stockbroker, but World War II and three years as a Japanese prisoner of war put an end to that. Later in France, he chanced upon Picasso, resulting in his first portrait, and later met Henri Cartier Bresson, who advised Stewart on where in Paris to develop his film. From there, Stewart went to work in the field of commercial photography (fashion, beauty, portraits and still life), only to turn to more personal work in the seventies.

Artist: John Stewart

A John Stewart retrospective will be held at the Wilmotte Gallery at Lichfield Studios in London from November 24, 2010 through January 28, 2011.



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