Scratch My Name on Your Arm by Deanna Templeton
by sabine7 / October 1, 2010

Scratch My Name on Your Arm, Deanna Templeton's recent series of black and white photographs, is a study of how young women adorn their bodies with scrawls, drawings and symbols of all kinds. Collecting body autographs is all the rage at skateboard demos, surf competitions, and other athletic events. Using their bodies to communicate is nothing new, but using their skin gives pause until one thinks of a sort of self-expression that is almost tribal in nature. It's all about interaction, acceptance and public spectacle. Of course, this form of body decoration remains within the realm of adolescence ... will we see this sort of fetish filter upwards?

Artist: Deanna Templeton

Scratch My Name on Your Arm runs from October 30 through December 18, 2010 at the Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles.



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