Stickwork by Patrick Dougherty
by sabine7 / September 19, 2010

Over the last twenty-five years, Patrick Dougherty has built over 200 installations of twigs, branches, saplings and sticks. Stickwork is an entertaining monograph that covers 38 of them. Working with all manner of sticks, Dougherty produces work that blurs the line between art, architecture and landscaping. Each woven project is presented by way of images and some accompanying anecdotes surrounding the experience of the installation, so Stickwork is more than a simple picture book. Dougherty's site-specific pieces are at times free-standing, but often involve surrounding elements, such as tree, buildings or railings, as well, which makes for unexpected results. A very inspiring book, Stickwork could well have you out in the woods, coaxing your own twigs into a new creation.

Hardcover, 208 pages. Princeton Architectural Press, 2010. $36.00 at Amazon.

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