The Everyday by Carlos & Jason Sanchez
by sabine7 / September 20, 2010

By carefully staging large-scale photographs, Carlos and Jason Sanchez are able to tell stories with visible subplots. The Montreal-based brothers create disturbing images of unpleasant realities, taking advantage of cinematographic techniques to bring out emotion in photographs that we could otherwise take for granted, given their relation to the shock-value media images that we become so used to seeing. But instead of provoking a sense of apathy, the Sanchez brothers' photographs hold our attention as we keep our eyes fixed on both the details and the context of the darker side of life.

Artists: Carlos & Jason Sanchez

New works by Carlos and Jason Sanchez will be shown at TORCH gallery Amsterdam from Oct. 16 - Nov. 20, 2010.

The Everyday

The Last Embrace (detail)

The Last Embrace

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