Order & Chaos by David Huycke
by sabine7 / September 13, 2010

New work by Belgian silversmith David Huycke is based on the ancient technique of granulation, a decorative process in which a multitude of tiny metal balls are fused to a base. This technique dates back to 3000 BC and can involve tens of thousands of granules. After being perfected by the Etruscans, the technique fell out of favour, only to be revived by Huycke, who has developed a method of creating items entirely out of tiny silver balls. The results are impressive.

Artist: David Huycke
+ z33.be

Re-Thinking Granulation runs October 2 - December 12, 2010 at Z33 in Hasselt, Belgium.

Dissimilar Pearl Sphere


KS3 Bis


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