Lotus Eater by Allyson Mellberg
by sabine7 / September 9, 2010

The title of a new series of works on paper by Allyson Mellberg is An Unearthly Child, both an homage to the Doctor Who show that was one of Mellberg's early influences and the not-so-pretty characters in her drawings. Malformed and skin-diseased, they are often faceless creatures seeking connection. Tender moments develop out of this exploration of the grotesque. To further heighten this experience, Mellberg does not use chemicals in her practice, but relies on pigments and inks from materials such as walnuts, egg, spinach and other natural ingredients.

Artist: Allyson Mellberg
+ cindersgallery.com

An Unearthly Child opens September 10 at Cinders Gallery in Brooklyn and runs through October 10, 2010.

Lotus Eater

I Know You're in There

Dough Pot


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