The Projectionist by Kendall Messick
by sabine7 / September 5, 2010

What an unusual book this is! The Projectionist, by Kendall Messick, is the photo-essay about The Shalimar, a basement theatre built by a projectionist. Gordon Brinckle carefully produced a fully functional miniature version of a fancy movie theatre in the basement of his 1950s Delaware house. Brinckle started his hobby by drawing cinemas and then building bigger and bigger models, until he built the one in the basement, so a good part of the book is devoted to sketches, architectural plans and lino-cut blocks for tickets. The basement cinema is an ornate movie palace, lovingly created by a very focused individual whose story is also told through Messick black and white photography, in tandem with the colourful shots of the theatre. The Projectionist is the poignant story of one man's creative journey.

Hardcover, 160 pages. Princeton Architectural Press, 2010. $28.80 at Amazon.

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