String Theory (Earth) by Joseph Phillips
by sabine7 / August 25, 2010

A parody of the privatization of previously public lands, Joseph Phillips' new body of work "riff[s] off of commodified and formulaic communities which cater to the ├╝ber-wealthy seeking exclusive refuge from their surroundings. Cross sections of glaciers, beaches, mountains, and fun parks are pre-packaged for the convenience of the buyer, but where the property line ends, so do all the elements. Water ends in mid-air, and amusement park rides precariously disappear.

Phillips uses a specific and limited palette of soothing colors for his counterfeit environments to reference the consumer aspect of his modular land units, not unlike images in a catalogue. Leaving out the unattractive colors in found in the natural world, he selects only nature's more enticingly delightful hues of gentle tranquility so that each elite land buyer can create their own artificial Shangri-La with ease."

Artist: Joseph Phillips

Work by Joseph Phillips will be shown from 26 August - 9 October 2010 at dberman gallery in Austin.

Beachcomber Condo with Palms and Umbrellas

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