The Fall of Lady Astoria by Erin Morrison
by sabine7 / August 26, 2010

With regards to Erin Morrison's recent exhibition, Monarch Contemporary said, "Working with mixed wet + dry media on paper, Morrison's work depicts the adaptation of landscape to man's rising standards of modification in the struggle to remain productive.

In this body of work, she addresses a diverse range of urban ecosystems (namely the industrial landscape) attempting to give the viewer a new relation to presence, established through the methodical act of drawing. By exercising the emotions that circulate death, development, and rebirth, Morrison finds a new perspective within her process, the sensation of spectacle through the documentation of natural catastrophes."

"The act of destroying even the most hardened and indifferent structures demands a response, even if the event has never taken place." -Erin Morrison

Artist: Erin Morrison

The Fall of Lady Astoria

Underpass Still Life

Forever Delayed

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