Paintings by Paul Critchley
by sabine7 / August 8, 2010

In his second book of works, entitled simply Paintings, Paul Critchley concentrates on interiors, furniture, corners, doors and windows. As he puts it, "My paintings are, for want of a better word, domestic; they're about my surroundings which could easily be yours too; they're about daily life and they're about painting. Breathing, eating, painting." However, although this description may be correct, it is certainly an understatement, as this book is a treasure chest of absolute jewels. Critchley's shaped paintings catch the eye on account of their irregularity, but it is what is within the shapes that endures. Critchley's use of light, shading and perspective make this collection of architectural detail, points of view, and hints of the mystery that are the lives of others a book that is bound to delight time and again.

Hardcover, 152 pages. Gràfiques Anman, 2006. £35 / €35 through the author at




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