Much ado about nothing #2 by Christoph Lohmann
by sabine7 / August 11, 2010

Circles and holes recur throughout an exhibition of new work by Christoph Lohmann - sometimes they are eyes. Interestingly, he quotes from a Cheever story for his show. Perhaps this is because it takes place in his wife's gallery ...
"My name is Johnny Hake. I'm thirty-six years old, stand five feet eleven in my socks, weigh one hundred and fourty-two pounds stripped, and am, so to speak, naked at the moment and talking into the dark. I was conceived in the Hotel St. Regis, born in the Presbyterian Hospital, raised on Sutton Place, christened and confirmed in the St. Bartholomew's, and I drilled with the Knickerbocker Greys, played football and baseball in Central Park, learned to chin myself on the framework of East Side apartment-house canopies, and met my wife (Christina Lewis) at one of those big cotillions at the Waldorf. I served four years in the Navy, have four kids now, and live in a banlieue called Shady Hill. We have a nice house with a garden and a place outside for cooking meat, and on summer nights, sitting there with the kids and looking into the front of Christina's dress as she bends over to salt the steaks, or just gazing at the lights in heaven, I am as thrilled as I am thrilled by more hardy and dangerous pursuits, and I guess this is what is meant by the pain and sweetness of life."

(from: John Cheever, The Housebreaker Of Shady Hill)

Artist: Christoph Lohmann

Much ado about nothing #2

Oil paint coming through the back


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