Electric Marshmallows for Real Eyes by Natalia Fabia
by sabine7 / August 10, 2010

"Natalia Fabia goes East for Fashionable Aftertaste Without End, unveiling the magical world of Kawaii. Blending Japanese icons of pop culture, cuteness, fashion and design with her Western girls, Fabia's narratives are laced with her signature hints of seduction and mystery. A classically trained painter, Fabia's realistic style continues to evolve, unlocking her hookers' resplendent lives and flamboyant obsessions. Adopting an international twist, her beautifully absurd moments are not lost in translation, as Fabia defines her own interpretation of Kawaii. Electric Marshmallows for Real Eyes playfully captures three Japanese girls and their stream of consciousness encounter populated with plush Rilakkuma bears, paint brushes, and creative exhaustion."

Artist: Natalia Fabia
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