Beyond the Pink by Buff Monster
by sabine7 / August 3, 2010

More pink Superflat from Buff Monster is a continuation of the L.A. street artist's signature style. The new works are a depiction of "futuristic playgrounds [that] bounce with creative expression as multi-hued argyle pyramids intermix with melting facades and floating faces." An extension of the maraschino cherry-topped ice creams we have come to expect from Buff Monster, the new series delves into landscapes and portraits. He explains some of the sources of inspiration, "This new body of work is influenced by the history of Western art that I saw throughout Europe. My time at the Louvre viewing Renaissance paintings was truly inspiring. The National Gallery in London had some amazing pieces as well. And then visiting the Tate Modern was a bit of a shock after seeing nothing but classical paintings, but the pop stars like Lichtenstein and Warhol still get my pulse racing."

Artist: Buff Monster




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