Metropolis by Simon McWilliams
by sabine7 / July 29, 2010

Irish artist Simon McWilliams brings dehumanizing buildings of concrete and glass to life by clothing them in hues that bring personality to the cranes and scaffolding that characterize their early days. The New Metropolis is the title of this series that borrows from both Fritz Lang's film classic and Brueghel's Tower of Babel. The buildings' surrounding elements take on candy colours not usually seen in gritty city settings: pink pavements, violet facades and teal skies. McWilliams makes us stop and take notice of the ever-changing urban landscape that often manages to look the same.

Artist: Simon McWilliams

The New Metropolis will be shown at the Skotia Gallery in Santa Fe from August 5 - 30, 2010.

Building Babel


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