Bee by Rose-Lynn Fisher
by sabine7 / June 27, 2010

The industrious honeybee is the focus of Bee, a collection of 60 black and white photos by Rose-Lynn Fisher. These magnifications ranging from 10x to 5000x are incredibly detailed images that can be said to resemble imaginary lunar landscapes or a mysterious world undersea. But no, these are the bits and pieces of the honeybee: proboscis, wings, eyes, exoskeleton, legs and mandibles. The book is broken down into six chapters containing plates of images of the antenna, body, eye, leg, proboscis and wing. This is just the thing for those who get caught up in the moment of watching bees at work among the flowers, or anyone interested in the abstraction of nature. The detail is incredible.

Hardcover, 128 pages. Princeton Architectural Press, 2010. $19.77 at Amazon.

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