Natureza em Risco by Lara Plácido & Sara Bento Botelho
by sabine7 / June 29, 2010

Natureza em Risco is an installation of public art by Lara Plácido & Sara Bento Botelho that consists of a garden of markers for public use. The markers are like blooms, poised at the end of rods that have been "grown" adjacent to a plain wall. When the wind blows, these felt-tipped blooms will leave their mark. Passers-by are encouraged to leave theirs as well, adding to a many-layered record of the passage of time. Organized chaos, channeled graffiti or interactive, outdoor art? How about all of the above? The installation is part of the European Biennial of Landscape Architecture.

Artist: Lara Plácido & Sara Bento Botelho




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