You Play Beautifully by Raymond Uhlir
by sabine7 / July 2, 2010

Raymond Uhlir's cartoon worlds are portrayed in oil enamel, giving off a Yellow Submarine type of vibe. Uhlir's recent narrative seems a mix of folklore and rock'n'roll, when a mysterious oracle is part of barren, windy landscape. Music is a sure theme, along with a range of generations that is surviving in this Nordic place. And for added interest, the series of new work includes references to siblings who have been separated.

Artist: Raymond Uhlir

The exhibition of work by Raymond Uhlir runs from July 8 through August 21, 2010 at the d berman gallery in Austin, Texas.

You Play Beautifully. (But You Must Work Harder. No Cowards. Quit that Moody Brooding.)

Shine On You Crazy Oracle (Because There's No Way I Believe This is Happening)

Yeah, I'm Not Your 'Real' Father, but Don't Fuck This Up.
You've Seen the Future and it Lays Out There with Your Friends and Family. Get the Band Back Together. Whatever. It's Been a Good Ride, Old Man

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