Snowballs by Benoît Debuisser
by sabine7 / July 1, 2010

Benoît Debuisser's Lomo photography is marked by soft, old-timey colours and an other-worldly air. Debuisser has been using a Lomo lc-a to capture shadowy vignettes such as the greenish-tinted collection of snow globes on a windowsill. This hue adds an air of mystery to the already blurred nature of the shot, giving it a timelessness. A few clothespins on an otherwise empty line are set off against a batch of brown-eyed Susans whose joy has been slightly dampened - what an amazing colour composition. And colour again is the protagonist in the shot of the swimming pool where saturated tones make for a citrusy poolside.

Artist: Benoît Debuisser

Fère en tardenois

Dans la piscine

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