Intelligence is No Match for Adaptability by Charming Baker
by sabine7 / May 24, 2010

British painter Charming Baker has a catchy title for a new exhibition of work, Stupid Has a New Hero. "The effect I'm aiming for in my work," says Charming, "is that slightly unnerving feeling you get when you have your arse patted in public, but you're not exactly sure who's patting it." Among the artist's influences are odd-looking women, suburbia, horses, dogs, packaging, summer holidays, the smell of make-up and cheap perfume, powertools, tea, and tomatoes. After all this information, it is only fair to let the viewers judge the work for themselves.

Artist: Charming Baker

Stupid Has A New Hero runs through May 30, 2010 t NYSG in New York.

Man Wrestling Bull

Lion Mask

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