Palate: Seafood Smorgasbord by Clare Crespo
by sabine7 / May 18, 2010

Palate, a group exhibition curated by Zio Fulcher, includes a crocheted seafood smorgasbord by Clare Crespo (how about that catfish po' boy?), a shellfish self-portrait by Jeph Gurecka and tempting blueberry pie by Martha Rich. Based on the premise that cooking is an important form of art and the fact that food then becomes the world's most common medium, Palate unites artists whose oeuvre includes food-based art, or the palette related to the palate.

Artists: various

Palate opens May 22 at Scion Installation L.A. Gallery and runs through June 12, 2010.

Clare Crespo

Selfish by Jeph Gurecka

Martha Rich

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