The Thrill of It All by Karin Hanssen
by sabine7 / May 9, 2010

The Thrill of It All is Belgian painter Karin Hanssen's new monograph, a quiet study of the artist's oeuvre from 1994-2009. Included in the collection of artwork, many of which are moody portraits, is a letter to Hanssen from Philippe Van Cauteren about her style of figurative painting, a detailed essay by Gregory Salzman on the uses of fantasy, and an interesting interview with the artist by David Broker. The best part, of course, is the presentation of Hanssen's work throughout the book, with some emphasis on detail. Standing out the most are the landscapes peopled with her very human, and therefore recognizable, characters. It is a lovely book full of very lovely work.

Hardcover, 128 pages. MER, 2010. $56.94 at Amazon.

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