The Light Orchestra
by sabine7 / April 21, 2010

The Light Orchestra is one act of four in the True Stories series of exhibitions shown in Ventura Lambrate during Design Week by students at Milan's Scuola Politecnica di Design. Walking into the vast space of the former Faema factory (described as a post-industrial cathedral) is humbling experience. This cavern is empty, save for an oversized keyboard in the centre that beckons like a xylophone to visitors, who press the keys to orchestrate coloured lights. The bank of tall windows has been covered with a perforated material that adds to an atmosphere of hushed mystery. The notes ring out as sporadic punctuation, echoing the sense of contemporary calm.

Artists: Daniel Simonini with Lorenzo Marini and Fernando Gonzales Sandino

From the website:
Light Orchestra is music for the eyes. It associates sounds with a perceptive domain different from hearing. The highlight of the installation is an oversized keyboard resembling a futuristic piano with 12 coloured buttons that control 12 LED sources. The visitor interacts with the instrument and creates changeable atmospheres by painting a vast, empty space with a palette of lights, colours and sounds. This grand piano whose shape is modelled on a waveform graph casually recorded, combines colours and sounds according to Goethe's colour wheel, based on 12 colours, and to the circle of fifths, expressing the relationship between the 12 tones of the chromatic scale. Light Orchestra took part in the LED Light Festival making his debut in December 2009 at the Colonne di San Lorenzo, a popular Milanese meeting place. It was voted as the best installation in the schools category and was awarded the second prize overall."




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