Diana and the Lioness by Elisa Johns
by sabine7 / April 20, 2010

Huntress is the name of the new collection of paintings by Elisa Johns, who highlights mythical heroines by placing them in a contemporary context of high fashion. Icons such as Judith, Diana, Athena and Nike, Johns dresses and poses them as celebrities in a fashion spread. The paintings are spare, often composed vertically to draw the eye down, in a style not far from Chinese pen and ink drawings. The women are very much in control, whether drawing a bow and arrow, relaxing with a lioness or seated by a severed head.

Artist: Elisa Johns
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Huntress runs through May 8, 2010 at Mike Weiss Gallery in New York.

Diana and the Lioness

Diana and the Stag

Judith and the Head of Holofernes


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