I'm Against It by Stefan Müller
by sabine7 / April 13, 2010

Stefan Müller's creative practice is based on a minimalist approach. The artist paints on untreated canvas, cotton cloth, nettle, or fabrics such as bed sheets that are not necessarily clean. Müller's paintings can include stains from beer, ashes, coffee or blood, and along with media such as acrylic, lacquers, oil, silicone, markers, pencils and crayons, he may also use dirt, confetti, glitter and tissue paper. The work itself can be seen as figurative or abstract: is that a group of giraffes? Or a drum kit (after the jump)? Do we need answers to be engaged?

Artist: Stefan Müller
+ kunsthalle-baden-baden.de

An exhibition of work by Stefan Müller takes place at the Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden through May 24, 2010.

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